Tax Alert No 05/2019

New VAT returns in Poland

We kindly inform you that since the VAT settlement for November 2019 there will be applicable the new 20th version of the monthly VAT-7 return.

Since the settlement for 4th quarter 2019 there will be also applicable new 14th version of the quarterly VAT-7K return.

The forms of the VAT returns were published in the Decree of the Ministry of Finance, Investment and Development dated 25 October 2019 (Official Journal of Laws from 2019 pos. 2104).

The new VAT forms in the „editable” format have not been published yet at the website of the Ministry of Finance (

However, we expect that they will be published in the next few days. We draw your attention on the necessity to use them.

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The alert presents the issues that we believe may be of interest to you. The information in the alert is of a general nature and it does not cover all changes resulting from the amendment of the VAT law. Before making any decision or action, as well as in case of any questions or concerns, please contact one of our tax advisors on +48222503100 (

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