Our services

Tax advice in the area of:

  • corporate income tax (CIT);
  • tax on goods and services (VAT);
  • personal income tax (PIT);
  • customs duties and excise tax;
  • stamp duty and tax on civil law transactions;
  • real estate tax;
  • foreign exchange law;
  • assistance in preparing tax returns and tax information, as well as in other reporting obligations;
  • registration of entities in tax offices, including registration of foreign entities for the purposes of VAT;
  • VAT compliance;
  • assistance to foreign entities in claiming VAT refunds and other public charges and liabilities.
Our active participation in all of the stages of tax proceeding and legal actions in WSA and NSA contributes to a quick end of conflict with tax authorities.
Our consultants specialize in tax issues concerning companies from media, construction, real estate as well as IT, pharmaceutical, and FMCG industries. We actively participate in all processes of transformation, connection and division of business.
We corporate with law firms, auditors and companies that specialize in financial consulting, ensuring our clients that our services are comprehensive.

Tax advice related to the following transactions:

  • acquisitions, transformations, restructuring or mergers of entities;
  • tax planning of investments and day-to-day activities;
  • broadly defined transactions with related entities, including, in particular, drafting of tax documentation referred to in Article 9a of the CIT Act.

Assistance in tax proceedings:

  • help and comprehensive assistance in drafting procedural letters addressed to tax and fiscal authorities as well as administrative courts;
  • co-ordination of all stages of administrative proceedings or court litigation concerning tax liabilities of the Client;
  • representation of the Client in proceedings before tax and fiscal authorities as well as before administrative courts;
  • analysis of compliance of the applied tax reporting procedures with regulations in force.

Tax reviews:

  • tax reviews aimed at analysing our Clients’ tax standing and identification of optimisation areas in terms of taxes and other public charges in accordance with the provisions of Polish law;
  • verification and analysis of the Client’s source documents such as, invoices, bills, agreements/contracts, tax returns;
  • tax reviews cover specific periods selected by the Client, e.g. a tax month, quarter or year.


  • organisation of individual training sessions and workshops tailored toindividual needs of our Clients; and
  • our advisors present the most important tax aspects and clarify all Clients’ doubts during such training sessions/workshops.